About iKARRTiNi

We are a group of friends devoted and committed to the preservation of all our cultural national heritage. We have chosen batik as our first choice as batik is linked to fashion and it is easier to keep it relevant as long as we are keeping up with the international fashion scene in terms of trends and colours.
The offshoots to fashion are many.   The closest would be jewelry. Here we link ourselves to Malaysian silver smiths whose filigree and repose work have been the finest in the world.
We have developed earrings, brooches, buckles and many other ornamental things that can be used as home décor. Jewelry can also be made from rattan done by the Penan in Sarawak and the Rungus beadwork in Sabah. Wood can also be turned into jewelry and home accessories.
Malaysia has a rich cultural heritage for brassware. The blocks for batik printing are made of brass. The links are endless and we shall strive to keep it going and making it relevant for all times.  By supporting us you are yourself playing a part in preserving our national heritage and providing a livelihood for the artisans to  feel motivated to continue.